Editorial design
Verkförtecking 2009-2015, artist' book, Caroline Mårtensson
Extended portfolio which spans over 6 years of artist Caroline Mårtensson's work. Documentation, portfolio, archives and the professional as well private as co-exist in this book. Adding another part in an ongoing research.

Autumn 2015

Editorial design
Fält nr 5, and 6, for Art Lab Gnesta
A periodical on urban culture and art published twice a year by Art Lab Gnesta – center for experimentation. The paper deals with questions on art and environment based on the talks and exhibitions taking place at Art Lab Gnesta. I have had the pleasure of designing issue nr 5, 6 and 7.

Ongoing collaboration

Book covers
At times I do book covers, here is one for the Norwegian publishing house Kolofon and one cover that I did for Swedish pubishing house Fri Tanke.

”Mörkret vid tidens ände” – Ulf Danielsson
Illustrating space for the latest book by renowned professor in theoretical physics Ulf Danielsson. I pushed myself to imagine the unthinkable unthinkable part of space, black holes and the power of Higgs Field.
Published in april 2015 by Fri Tanke publishing house.

April 2015

Editorial design
Catalogue for the exhibition Appearing / Intercourses at Aaros, Denmark. Design for NR2154.
Spring 2014

Editorial design
OEI – #63/64
A wide collection of texts, images and art works, the 63/64th issue of OEI magazine focuses on Land Art, Strata and Sediment. I designed one fifth together with four other designers, building on the idea of layers assembled by time to create a structure vertically.

Winter 2014

Web design
Website for Klaas Kloosterboer, Dutch painter and sculptor who mainly works in large formats.
Spring 2013


Promotional campaign and program
Promotion of the Rietveld's participation in Holland Festival, a yearly performance festival in Amsterdam, how better to do that than through a performance? Emma Olanders and I chose to focus on the performative act by a live act of posting posters. Hanging a poster became a performance.
 Taking departure in the simple notion of the act of posting we created a dialogue in posters performed live at the Stadsschouwburg and the Frascati Theater. Each poster dealt with different aspects of the specific evening, responding to the atmosphere and the performance that was to be shown that night. Focusing on the fact that performance is a medium specific to when and where it takes place.
 We used the photographs taken during these promotional performances in the design of the programs, one image per program for each of the Rietveld's evenings at Theater Frascati. Enhancing the autonomy of the act and the confusion between graphic design and life – or art.

In collaboration with Emma Olanders.
Offset printed at the Rietveld, spring 2012

Editorial design
For my graduation project I created a display of Designers ready for society. In the form of an informative catalogue covering the expertise of every member of our class. I based my research into descriptive and assertive language on the words used in professional and commercial contexts such as galleries and art- and design magazines. I looked for patterns in writing and ended up building a library of styles, dialects, figures of speech and metaphors, as well as precise words.
 In the act of describing someone in superlatives I try to lay bare structures of language, to visualize the absurd mannerism in which this category of words are used. To criticize how this language forges professionals into products.
 The catalogue is a pocket-size catalogue and guide for the graduation exhibition which was inspired by the Memphis Movement. The lilac gradient renders each page an individual character.

Offset printed at the Rietveld, in an edition of 1000 copies, 2012