A sketch of the future scenario when bread replaces physical money. It will be a society where monetary trading is based on staple goods, such as wheat, rye, corn and rice. It will be a society where the government presides over and distributes all capital, the amount you receive for your survival is based on variables such as body mass, habits and workload. With bread as the only monetary article a world-covering scenario of trading with grains in the west and rice products in the east is drawn up. Covering question ranging from how to produce yeast, the problems of conversion grain–rice, how to deal with the fact that bread becomes dry, to if it should be legally allowed to bake ones own bread.
 Shifting focus from a global perspective to looking closer at the commerce of a boat bakery in Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, the story and the problematics of such a society unfolds, describing how the workers are employed for life, making their living on the boat in isolation from the rest of the world. Explaining the strict hierarchy between the workers, how each room on the boat has a specific function and why the American Director of the boat is so passionate about savoury muffins. The backdrop of the scenario is the moment when politicians world wide realized, by looking at revolutionary moments in history, that bread functions as pacifier. Keeping in mind the lessons learned from the Egyptian Spring, the French Revolution and all the uprises stemming from starvation and the lack of bread. Their conclusion was to give the people bread and the people will keep from rebellion.

Laser print and detailed architectural plan of the house-boat in size A1, 2011